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Provo YSA 1st Ward


1st in Every Way!

The Provo YSA 1st Ward (in the 1st Stake!) is made up of some of the best members of the church. We are fun, friendly, and are committed to living the principles of the gospel. To us, being "1st in every way" means that we are "first responders" on the Lord's errand. We are first to serve, first to lift, first to love and include, and we strive to keep the first and great commandment to love God with all our hearts. Below are a few resources to help you stay up-to-date and connected with members of the ward.

Bishop and other Ward Leaders

Go to the Ward tab to get to know Bishop Garrett and the other ward leaders. To schedule an appointment with Bishop Garrett you can text or call Sander Morrison. Contact information for Elders Quorum and Relief Society Leaders is also included there.

Sunday Meetings

Meetings start at 10:30am in the Eyring Science Center (ESC).

10:30am: Sacrament Meeting (C215)
11:40am: 2nd Hour
        1st & 3rd Sundays: Sunday School (C247, C255, C261)
        2nd & 4th Sundays: EQ (C247) and RS (C295)

You will find the sacrament program and words to the hymns at:

The Ward Website -

If you're reading this, you found it! This is the place to find the program, news, and leader contact information.

Ward Slack

Slack is a simple group messaging app that helps us stay connected and share upcoming news. Join the ward Slack group!

Kindly do not post items for sale, memes, and other irrelevant content.

DO post ward activities, home evening group announcements, upcoming lesson topics, or even if you’re looking for help or need to borrow something. We hope you use this as a way to connect with the ward.

Our Ward

To help you get to know the ward, below is a map of boundaries of the ward and the location of our Stake Center - the Manavu Chapel. All apartments in the ward are highlighted in pink. Tap the image to download a copy.
Map of ward boundaries as of August 2019

Important Links

- Make a donation to the to the church

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- Schedule an appointment with the bishop

   Contact Sander Morrison

   phone chat

- Provo YSA 1st Stake Website

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